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An Owl's Nest we learn the value of spiritual rules. These rules go by the fancy name of spiritual laws. Breaking these laws have consequences, just like the breaking rules at school. The wisest Owl in the universe set these laws forth when time began. He is the Great Horned Owl and is Father to all.

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Owlet Nest: Age 8-12 Sword of the Lord

“God looks down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there are any who understand, who seek God.” – Psalm 53:2

Owlet Program
Strengthening youth as community by sharing wisdom from the Word of God.

Reading age children meet in neighborhood groups to progress through the program materials. This program can be lead by a high school student or an adult.

Spiritual Palette:
Flight Award, Owl's Nest Flight Wings for Age 9-10
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Shield Award, Owl's Nest Jr. Owlet for Age 11
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Sword Award, Owl's Nest Sr. Owlet for Age 12
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