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Helping Us Paint the Best You

“I will be a Father to you, and you shall be My sons and daughters, says the LORD Almighty.” – 2 Corinthians 6:18

Neighborhood Kids Clubs

Helping kids accomplish goals when it comes to reading the Bible.


GRAND Kids - currently ACTIVE
Grand kids is a program that allows kids to be active through their church and neighborhood community growing in the faith by establishing habits and behaviors that support their belief. Each child progresses through levels that are associated with royalty while the receive prizes and awards. We strongly encourage teens to take the lead in developing clubs in their neighborhood.

Owl’s Nest - currently ACTIVE
An Owlet’s knowledge building starts early in life and takes many years to be applied as daily wisdom. In the nest of the Great Horned Owl, young owlets learn spiritual laws through forest stories that tell about making smart choices in their everyday lives.  Each episode is packed with a defined bible word, Scripture with reference, as well as an activity for retention.

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Royal Court - currently ACTIVE
Even the greatest ruler ever known, David and Esther, had to start his throne-training somewhere.  And, it is the same for young adults.  The dominion rules are not hidden, but fully disclosed in the Bible.  We are exited about the content in this star program: 10 Ways to the Crown.

This is encouragement to avoid the perils that exist in life, that kingdoms and queendoms would have rulers that enjoy life on earth as God meant it to be lived.

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Polished Stones - currently NOT promoted  
Quarry stones learn principles that you would want to be set in the mind of a child. The most important being God exists, God loves you, and God is a Heavenly Father to all. Polished stones, whether a girl getting to know Queen Esther or a boy getting to know King David will be enriched by being a part of Shiny Stones or Smooth Stones, respectively.

The Polished Stones Program is not currently being promoted. Check back frequently for updates.

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